The End Of Beta Phase

Hi everyone,

I would like to inform that the beta phase of AMI Travel's new website are due. This means, previous beta has reached version 1.0. Therefore, please use:

From Now on. If you experience this screen after loading the address

Just Click Advanced.

And click 'proceed to (unsafe)'. Technical Explaination: Connection made by local access (inside office), therefore no need to use internet.

Advanced Usage

To prevent the screen appears in the future, please go to Start Menu, and search for Internet Option. Then, open Internet Option as shown below. In Internet Option tab, click Security tab and click Trusted sites.

Inside Trusted Sites, copy and paste the following address and add it to trusted website zone.,, and

Click Close and OK. Thats it! No more untrusted connection screen.

If you had any difficulties or problems, do not hesitates to ask around.

- Izham Satria (2015)